Gold organic linen shorts

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Made with our signature premium 100% organic linen, the frida shorts feature a high pleated waistline that makes them flare out at the bottom, making these linen shorts super flattering and comfy. They have side pockets and front zipper fastening with a hook. Please note: This garment has a metallic print with a fade-out wash that aims to give an aged appearance. * if you plan to buy matching outfits, keep in mind that the fade-out wash may cause variations in the color of the garments. The metallic print may keep fading with time. Details Style: CM-1325 Premium 100% organic linen fabric Foil metallic print High waist with pleats Side pockets Front zipper Made in vietnam Care This is a very delicate garment, so it must be handled with care. Hand wash with cold water Do not machine wash Do not iron directly, only warm iron with cotton cloth in between Do not dry clean Do not scrub Hang dry or lay flat on shadow